Yartzi Aims to Defend Red Bull Batalla Title

More than just a Spanish battle rapper, he is certainly a seasoned veteran, he is primed to make another valiant effort in this competition. Will he stay atop the elite or will a newcomer come crashing his party?

Shad Spits Never Settles [Wash. D.C.]

From D.C. if things are getting crunchy in our situation it means that it’s getting tight and into pressure time. I like to add treatments to my videos so if I can’t find someone to play a particular role I’ll do it myself. I was playing the role of a person that got broken down by a workout but got right back and kept it moving.

What Does WEB3 Music Look Like? PHLOTE Knows

That’s where we’re headed – to a WEB3 also known as blockchain. Essentially how PHLOTE will be organized – we want to be a community and user owned platform, which is what the real true potential of WEB3 is. We’re really excited about exploring this model.

Greek rapper THERAVADA speaks about debut album, “XENOPHON”

The new underground to me means functioning at the same standard as a label, or how we may believe a label should or could have operated. I try to treat 2000 Entertainment like I don’t run it. Like I have to keep up with what 2000 expects from me as the CEO, Producer, Engineer, shipping & handling and doing all these things. I treat it like I might get fired if I’m not clocking in at the right time.