Benzino is Salty that Coi Leray is the Artist He Never Could Be

For those unaware, Coi Leray Collins is the son of Benzino (formerly of The Source) and ex-girlfriend of Trippie Redd. With that being said, neither one of those statements mean a damn thing. Simply put, she grinded to earn her spot and deserves everything coming her way.

Utica Redskins Handily Defeat Newark Catholic

Utica came into this contest poised and polished, while Newark Catholic needs to work on their fundamentals.

The Endurance Electric Pickup Truck

The Endurance will hold a motor in each wheel hub in its 3rd quarter 2022 release. With a 250 mile range and 6,000 cells in cylindrical format it stands alongside the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y

Similarities Between COVID-19 & Netflick ‘Birdbox’

In Birdbox there is a certain sense of security gained by wearing a blindfold or covering eyes when traveling in areas that might host the airborne problem. In modern reality, people possess a sense of security when they wear their mask indoors. 

Destroying Police Immunity: Jason Meade Charged and Arraigned

Murderer Meade served in Iraq and was a seventeen year member of the Franklin County Police Department. This is not the first time he has killed a man. In the past, he has been cleared of charges but something tells me this time justice will be served.

What in the World Happened to Chris Gamble?

*RANDOM ATHLETE OF THE DAY* Ladies and gentleman, place your bets! Today’s random athlete of the day is Chris Gamble. … More

What in the World Happened to Marcus Vick?

With an almost identical style of play to his brother’s, Marcus was able to make plays and leave his opponents one step behind with his jukes and quickness. Although his style of play was crisp and clean Marcus Vick was anything but clean.