Will Kanye drop an NFT?

Kanye West just released a soulfully christened album, “DONDA,” without an NFT. Should we be concerned or looking out for more, especially since the debut of his DONDA STEM Player?

The album runs one hour and forty-eight minutes long with 27 tracks.  DONDA gives light to younger artists while maintaining a reinvigorated spiritual approach.

Yes, he just dropped his 10th album but when is Ye going to drop an NFT? Here are some things Kanye might be doing instead of dropping an NFT.

Kanye West does not let anyone dictate his freedom of thought

Kanye doesn’t shy away from a rant. We have seen it time and again that he loves to find the longest winded routes to make his points.

Perhaps he’s gearing up for another TMZ free think session to claim that 400 years of slavery were by choice?

People call Kanye crazy. Have you ever thought it might be the industry he is in?

Kanye does not obey the rules laid out by society. We commend his ability to absolutely buck the system and display genius levels of creativity.

While 60 percent of his statements may be nonsensical, he iterates some incredibly profound outlooks that may not ever be uttered if it weren’t for his existence. 

kanye west NFT
Kanye Hepburn (via Globe Photos/Bondly NFT team)

Maybe he’s preparing for another Joe Rogan appearance? We loved his futuristic stance and the free game offered on that podcast.

Maybe we are not as advanced as a civilization as we may think. Kanye brought many concepts to the forefront during that chat – three major takeaways below:

“The longest moments of our lives are memories.”

“What is the Earth worth?”

“We are in the future.”

Kanye can be rather boneheaded too

Perhaps Kanye will endorse Trump once more after the hype surrounding his album dies down. We all know that Kanye is willing to go to extreme measures to promote his product.

As a matter of fact, it seems as if we only start to hear chirps from Kanye when he is trying to sell something.

Oh, I know why he hasn’t dropped an NFT! He’s getting ready to unleash fury on another innocent journalist.

Sway already took enough browbeating from Kanye West for no other reason than mounted frustration about fashion rejection. Who knows? Maybe Adam22 will be Kanye’s next interview victim.

Man makes plans and God laughs

Finally, we know why Kanye has not released an NFT. He is taking the time to go off-script and tell the world how to help Hurricane Ida victims. We all know Kanye refuses to adhere to societal standards.

Whether you love him, like him, hate or him, or pay him no mind – Kanye is doing something right. How so? He makes the people have an opinion and speak his name.

“Because we living in the times that make Kanye West go pray.” (Jim Jones)

So while everyone has their own stance on Kanye West he continues to revolutionize hip-hop, fashion, and technology. Look no further than the DONDA STEM Player which allows you to customize a song in real-time. Pretty neat.

Donda Stem Player
Photo Courtesy: DJ MAG

Fresh News Now exists as a mainstay in our global stratosphere. We are quite literally the centrifuge and inner circle that everyone should tap into for all things fashion, culture, music, and technology. 

As long as water replenishes, food nourishes, and shelter provides comfort – FNN will satiate every newsworthy need you might have, even if it means pushing Kanye West towards dropping an NFT for DONDA.

To the tune of Ginuwine’s “So Anxious”

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