PELE x Ethernity Chain NFTs

Pele, FIFA’s most decorated soccer star, launched his own NFT to commemorate his life’s efforts and further cement his legacy. The 80-year-old legend is seen by many as the GOAT in soccer, and now Pele has entered the crypto space.

In collaboration with Kingsletter and Visual Lab, Edson Arantes do Nascimento (better known as Pelé) released 3D collectible trading cards to be purchased in NFT form. The licensed collection dropped on May 2 and consisted of 3-6 highly authentic minted pieces. 

Pele links up with Ethernity Chain for crypto wonder

With the ever-growing platform, Ethernity Chain, the two powerhouse entities combined forces in order to make it possible to grab a share of history.

“The Pelé NFT is likely to be the gold-standard of football NFTs. In recent months, several of Europe’s major clubs, including Juventus, Barcelona and AC Milan, have released digital tokens to better engage with fans via the popular Socios platform.”

Ethernity Chain

The beautiful part about the entire process is the fact that 90 percent of the proceeds will go to the Pele Foundation. The Pele Foundation directly contributes its donations to children who are facing the unimaginable hardships of poverty and food insecurity. 

Pele makes a difference

In the short duration that we are placed on this universe, we try to make life last as long as we can. Some people choose to invest, others choose to splurge. But either way, it is how we affect change between the margins that really counts.

Those who think not just of themselves but of others in their times of prosperity deserve our notice and praise. Pelé has long been beloved by fans across the world; this is just another reason.

Certainly, Pele’s foray into the crypto world is one of the more noble NFT releases as the majority of funds will go directly to the less fortunate. Bravo, Pele!

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